Fatigue Management for Rail

An end to end fatigue management
and job planning tool, tailored to rail

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    HSE Compliant Fatigue

    Ensure your whole team’s fatigue is planned from door to door using our built in HSE compliant Fatigue Calculator.

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    Tailored for Rail

    Plan your team in confidence with full adherence to all of Network Rail’s Life Saving Rules.

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    Job Based Rostering

    Unlike other rostering tools, Fatigue360 works the way you do. Allocate people to jobs or assign jobs to people.

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    Whole Shift Planning

    Set up worker or competency groups then plan an entire shift in a single click.

People & Plant Management

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    Competency Management

    Store and manage your own internal competencies or sync your workers with Sentinel. Stay in control with competence expiry alerts.

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    Contract Management

    Specify unique terms and conditions for staff, and roster to their contractual requirements.

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    Plant Management

    Manage Plant in the same way as workers. Allocate your own plant to jobs and request other kit from plant suppliers.

  • Rest Cycle Management

    Fatigue360 enables you to plan more than just your workers’ shifts. In order to fully protect your workforce, let Fatigue360 plan their entire Rest Cycle from door to door and beyond.

    Our unique system allows you to plan and manage the full 36 hour period surrounding a shift, covering not only the shift and associated travel to and from site, but also the 12 hours rest before and after. Put your mind at ease and be confident that you’ve done everything you can to plan for your workers’ safety.

  • Rest Cycle Management
  • Resource Sharing
  • Resource Sharing

    Whether you’re a Principal Contractor or a Workforce/Plant Supplier, Fatigue360 can help ease your rostering burden through our built in eResourcing workflows.

    Fatigue360 enables you to plan all of your internal and externally supported jobs within the same interface.

    Job suppliers can push their requirements out to third party labour or plant suppliers for simple online fulfillment. Once a worker has been identified and allocated to your job, they join your shift and are immediately visible to you as the Client. Their details, competencies, fully certified fatigue/risk index score and fatigue compliant travel plans will be instantly accessible.

    Workforce suppliers can receive jobs from multiple Fatigue360 clients and plan them alongside all other work. Certified fatigue and full door to door travel plans for your workers can be passed back to the Client for approval.

    Notify your workforce of their planned shifts and update them with changes in real time. The worker dashboard allows your team to be in total control of all shift plans.

  • Planned vs Actual

    Planning to succeed - not failing to plan.

    Planning your fatigue landscape day by day is only the first step to ensuring your commitments to your staff’s well being are met.

    Life doesn’t always go the way you planned so to ensure your team remain safe, Fatigue360 can tie in with many of the available site access control services and import actual shift times. If you use our own Site Access Control solutions, these actual times will be automatically imported for you as they're made, showing you the difference between the actual fatigue and your planned fatigue. Current and subsequent shifts that are impacted by any unplanned changes are immediately able to be re-planned using the new information, ensuring that your commitment to fatigue is maintained at all times.

    When used in conjunction with our Exceedance360 realtime monitoring tool, we can also alert your workers, your control function and any worksite Managers to potential breaches in working time directives ahead of time. Don’t let unforeseen traffic delays, late starts or overruns keep you from being in total control of your team’s fatigue.

  • Planned to Actual

Total Fatigue Management

Fatigue360 is a full, end to end Fatigue Management tool that incorporates the planning of your shifts and people.

Total Fatigue Management

Fatigue360 Product Tiers

  • Fatigue360 for
    Principal Contractors

    • Plan & roster jobs
    • Roster staff
    • Roster plant
    • Manage Workers
    • Produce Race Cards
    • Manage Safety Critical Fatigue
    • Manage Office Fatigue
    • Outsource jobs to workforce suppliers
    • Produce timesheets
  • Fatigue360 for
    Labour/Plant Suppliers

    • Plan jobs
    • Manage workers/plant
    • Accept client jobs for workers/plant
    • Manage Safety Critical Fatigue
    • Manage Office Fatigue
    • Submit fully certified fatigue and travel plans to clients
    • Produce timesheets
  • Fatigue360 Lite
    for Labour Suppliers

    • Accept client jobs for workers/plant
    • Submit self-certified fatigue and travel information to clients
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    If you’re an existing MacRail client, we can pre-populate your demo system with a full set of all your existing jobs and staff. This will give you an immediate insight into your actual Fatigue landscape as it exists today.

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